GIVEAWAY! A celebratory, free, snuggly photoshoot

Caroline Clendening

Hi Heather!!

I’ve been following your incredible photography for a couple years now and would be honored to be able to shoot with you. My sweetheart boyfriend, Harry, and I are in the most special place in our relationship right now. Over the summer, we hit the hardest road block we had faced in our three years of dating, and we ended up pulling through it stronger than ever. We are in a place of admiration and awe of our love, and it would bring me so much joy to have a beautiful shoot to celebrate our strength as a couple. I want the world to see the way we look at each other. Thank you for giving your followers the opportunity to possibly shoot with you. I am so so excited!! 🌟💛🌟💛🌟

Logan Hostetter

Your work has always impressed me! It’s been so fun seeing your pictures of the people I know and those I don’t. Andrew (hubby) and I have been wanting “family” pictures of us and our dog (Tesla the black lab) since we got her in January. We are coming up on a year of marriage and couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than with a snuggly at-home shoot!

Anna Page

Hey girl! My husband and I would LOVE to win this shoot! We have been modeling together over the last 3 years and we just had our wedding and it was a dream come true. We’d love to do a shoot to reflect the new places that our relationship has taken us. We love your photography style and gorgeous editing and have been loving you from Chicago for so long! I haven’t looked at your travel list but we’ll come to you too! We’d love to shoot with you! 💕

Ashley Zahedi

Heather!!! I have been watching your photography grow from the beginning and have loved seeing it blossom into some of the most intimate, joyful, and personal photography on my feed. My husband and I had the opportunity to shoot with you but unfortunately experienced a family emergency and were unavailable. I have been lusting after your images ever since and would love to have the chance to show off our cozy Midtown home right on the park that we have been working on so hard for so long. Like you and Emerson, we have been together since the golden years and I believe so whole heartedly in appreciating every phase of our love. However this giveaway works out, I can’t wait to continue watching your journey and cheering you on along the way!

Abby W

We’re getting married and would LOVE a fun engagement shoot or something from you 😍

Shannon Griffiths

Hey heather! A session with you would be a dream. My boyfriend RJ and I just got engaged! I moved up to Indianapolis area in January to be closer to him. We were best friends in high school, then he moved up to Indiana for school, and we finally decided to date after college. Now we are here 🙂 Engagement pics with you in Indianapolis, Louisville, or Atlanta would be such a gift. The way you capture relationship and love and passion is unmatched and I think we need a photographer like you to help us loosen up and take good pics! Anyway, thanks for the opportunity in this giveaway!!

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